Why we have made our ISO documentation toolkits accessible for small business

March 11, 2019

I love the underdog.  Always, have and always will.  It is the (conscientious) capitalist in me.  I love nothing more than seeing the unexpected, undervalued and underrated talent getting a seat at the table and changing the game.


This has become a common thread in stories and movies in recent decades and it is inbuilt within many of us.


That's why we have released our ISO system toolkits and made management systems accessible to the many.


Strange link?  Not really.


Having spoken with countless clients and even more prospects, so many of them are interested in developing an ISO system for their business for one or many reasons.  Here are some examples of comments I have heard time and time again.


"I'm going to make this business the most successful in Australia in this field.  I just need to take it to the next level".


"We have now missed out on so many tenders that we cannot recoup that lost time"


"We don't want to harm our people any more. We have to improve"


"I want to move us forward.  To get organised".


"My client is saying I have to get one of these systems and I am worried about cash flow."




I have worked with oil and gas businesses for many years and a famous question for getting an offshore job is "How do i get offshore?"  Answer:  Experience.  Question: "Then how do i get experience???"  Silence..........


This is a bit like how it can feel for microbusinesses who are trying to build to the next level of their journey by working for larger companies and councils or government departments.  How can I get the system if i'm not winning the big work to justify the resource expenditure?


Now, don't get me wrong.  These ISO systems, once certified, are a badge of prestige and it must stay that way.  That is one of the reasons the industry exists.  Yes you have provided third party assurance that your house is in order and can demonstrate that you are a lesser risk to your client than someone who does not have it, however alongside that, you have paid to be in an unspoken club of businesses that have said "We are investing in us!".


We at i40, as ISO system consultants, charge accordingly for these services, as we use our time to share our knowledge with our clients.  However, for the 'little guy and girl' this can seem out of reach.  A significant cost that they perceive doesn't provide instant return. (in reality it can if you win just one job from having a system in place).


So we have created a series of ISO documents, toolkits, to assist these smaller players at a cost that is manageable.  What is more, the onus is on the purchaser to take the templates and make them their own (the old adage, why give you a fish and you eat for a day when i can teach you to fish and you eat for life).  For those that have no knowledge of ISO systems, they can purchase a superior toolkit which includes a number of one-to-one contact hours with one of our expert consultants.  Guidance where you need it, on your terms.


These premium-quality toolkits give the OPPORTUNITY to smaller businesses where expenditure can equal food on the table.  We still love the challenge of working with our larger clients, and are happy to develop systems for those that just don't have the time or inclination.  But for those smaller outfits, we hope that they can create some great underdog stories that will be heard for decades to come.


Our toolkits and information on our other services can be found at www.i-40.com.au/online-store or www.i-40.com.au/iso-management-systems

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