ISO 27001 Information Security Management and why it is for everyone

August 24, 2017


The world is changing every day.  And not at the pace that it was 20, 10 or even one year ago.  We are now in the exponential age where the curve of technological advancement becomes closer to vertical every minute of every day.  It's kind of like the compound interest of human advancement and for some, it is quite scary.


The fact is, we won't be slowing it down.  Our global population is far greater than ever and within it contains more great and diverse minds than ever before.  Things happen quicker now and we have to adapt at the same speed.


What if you had a smart fridge in your house in 2018.  It uses a small camera to assess how much light is coming in through your kitchen window.  The reason it does this is so if there is less direct sunlight, it can use less energy.  Through your home network it also talks to your Tesla wall battery to ensure optimal efficiency of energy usage.


Sounds weird right?  Plausible?  Yes.  A great idea, perhaps not but i came up with it on the fly.  However what if i said that an unscrupulous character took control of that camera via the web and was using it to see when you were in the house and when you were not.


Now that sounds scary.  But again, it is quite plausible in the exponential age.


ISo 27001 is the information security management standard and you will hear more and more about it in the coming months and years.  It is designed to ensure that you have in place a robust information security system within your business.  Not just IT systems but also general protection systems to protect you, your employees and your customers.


This year alone has seen at least 2 globally significant breaches of information security and for that reason more and more large scale customers will want assurance that their suppliers are managing critical and confidential data securely and effectively.  It will form yet another link of risk management in the supply chain.


It might be that you business is not large enough yet to warrant concern for this topic but you will find that in the years ahead, it will be a non-negotiable.  Adherence to an ISO standard is the easiest way to put at rest yours and your clients' concerns that anything untoward will happen with confidential information.


To discuss this standard further, contact Peoplesafe Consulting on or 0428 562952.



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