Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being asked for management systems in my tender application?

Many Government Departments and larger companies request that their suppliers and subcontractors have management systems in place. They ask for this generally to make sure that their own risk is being managed well and that anyone they 'plug in' to their supply chain is a strong link. Having a recognised managemet system in place has been the difference between companies winning or losing tenders on many occasions, however it is important to remember that your system is implemented first and foremost to structure and improve how your business operates and manages its own risk, not just to win more work. i40 cannot guarantee success in tender applications due to varying factors however you opportunities are drastically improved by implementing one of our systems.

I need a consultant to come and do it all for us - do you offer this?

Yes. i40 offers it's platinum service where one of our ISO system experts develops your system to be entirely tailored to your company activities, risks, size, structure and industry. This is the 'traditional' consultancy approach and we have sucessfully developed systems for companies from 2 person family operations up to large corporate organisations. We have a 100% success rate of our Platinum clients passing certification first time. We will hold your hand every step of the way all the way up to operation of your system and can even support you during the certification process if you so wish.

Do I need Quality, Safety or Environment?

This is entirely up to you and your business profile. A Quality Management System (QMS) is like a business management system in many ways and is recommended for any business that wants to improve how they do things and improve their output to meet customer requirements. A safety management system is a requirement under legislation and an ISO 45001 system is a great, structured way to manage this important aspect of your business. It is commonly requested in tenders. If you perform hands on work, you may also like to consider an environmental management system in order to make your contribution to positive environmental outcomes.

Can we do it ourselves?

We understand that all businesses have different budgets for compliance and risk activities. For smaller companies, or those that do not wish to engage us to manage the entire systems project for them, they can purchase one of our toolkits at a fraction of the cost of our Platinum Service. The easy to understand documents will provide you with the core documents required by the standard(s) and then you can begin to alter the system to meet the specific requirements of your business.

What is the difference between the SILVER and GOLD toolkit packages?

The GOLD package offers a superior level of support which is designed to guide you through your system development process. Many people new to ISO systems benefit from being able to speak to an expert to help them through the process. The GOLD packages also contain more documents to choose from to support your system development. GOLD buyers receive 4 X 1 Hour Skype/Phone sessions with one of our ISO System experts who will answer any questions and offer invaluable advice to help you to reach your ISO objectives.

What is ISO 27001?

27001 is a management system that deals with business risks that are specific to information security. In the age of data and high profile InfoSec breaches, this is becoming increasingly important to secure your business info and that of your employees and customers. It is for this reason that it is one of the fastest growing ISO standards worlwide. i40 offers 27001 in our platinnum service only. Clients who implement this system will have much improved compliance with the newly introduced EUGDPR and Significant Data Breach Notification Scheme. Call us on 1300 155 605 or email us to discuss further.

How do I receive the toolkit documents?

Once you checkout in the i40 online store and payment is confirmed, you will receive a secure link to your toolkit within 24 hours. This link remains open for 72 hours so you will need to download the toolkit before then.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds on our tookits and books. However we have happy customers across Australia an even internationally who have met their ISO objectives with i40!

What if we already have most items in place?

This is common and one of our qualified consultants can perform a gap analysis on your system. Call us for details.

What is the PLATINUM process?

Quite Simply: Clearly understand your business and its risks. Plan the project and design the system. Develop the system - communicate throughout with customer. Provide completed system and orientate customer and their staff. Change management as required. Provide addditional scope to assist with certification audit if agreed at commencement.

Where is i40 based?

We are based in Australia, specifically Queensland, however our consultants are also based in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. We are a forward thinking organisation that reaps the benefits of a remote working culture. We help businesses across Australia and occasionally internationally.

How will a system help us?

Here is a starting list: - Improve your processes - Reduce Waste (save money) - Focus your people - Engage your people - Provide consistent customer experiences and products - Save headaches! - Win more work - Win more attractive work - Save paperwork on assuring potential customers on your approach - Prestige - not everyone has been able to develop a system - Continual improvement of your business and much, much more!

Can you provide the PLATINUM service in a software based application?

Yes - we work with a number of providers who are able to integrate our systems into their applications. This can be discussed during the project scoping stage.

Can I upgrade from the SILVER to GOLD package if we need extra help?

Yes you can upgrade to the GOLD package at any time by purchasing the upgrade option in the i40 online store.







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